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Time for the 2023 October column: Just The Rules: Quizamania is Runnin' Wild, Again | US Chess.org


Had something similar happen. Player A reported draw Player B reported win. Player B had a more accurate notation sheet. I ask player A to set up the board to where he offered draw. Queens, rooks and 1 minor peice were still on the board for both. I asked him how that was a drawn position and he said it didn’t matter because player B accepted his draw. I awarded player B the point.

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Always remember, the knight is the most influential piece.

I’m not quite following. If the following are true:

  • Player A claims draw and denies a resignation
  • Player B claims win and denies accepting a draw offer
  • You have an “end” position both players acknowledge is accurate or that you feel comfortable is correct (using either player’s notation as ‘accurate’)
  • There are no witnesses to certify either draw acceptance by both or resignation by player A
  • The position is not stalemate or checkmate
  • There are no time claims possible / made

Then my action would be to have the players play on from the reconstructed position as there was no meeting of the minds as to the actual game result and therefore the game is in play. (Also, this is a very good reason to either have TD come to each board at finish and verify the result boardside or if both players are old enough have circled results and both players sign the other’s scoresheet attesting that…)

No witnesses means the TD should rule that the game continue.