Permissible Major Variation?

Question: Is it ever allowed to state TD rulings are final.? I was under the impression that players always had the right to appeal TD rulings, so I was surprised to see the above on a list of “House Rules” for a club’s series of tournaments.

Blitz rule 18 says “The decision of the tournament director is final” (although then there is a TD Tip right after this rule that basically contradicts what the rule says).

The TD tip for Blitz clarifies the rule applies to decisions of the Chief TD, not just any floor TD.

That sounds like a question for the Rules Committee. I am guessing that even if it is accepted during the tournament (no appeal to an appeals committee or special referee - similar to the Blitz rules) then, regardless of what is said, there is always the option of an appeal to the office after the tournament.

But then the TD Tip goes on to state you can appeal the decision of the Chief TD after the tournament but the rule says the decision of the TD is final. Basically, the rule is very poorly written. I brought this up years ago but nobody did anything about it.

But, of course, TD Tips aren’t rules.

The TD Tip for Rule 21L states that:

TD TIP: In rare cases a committee(s) ruling is appealed to the US Chess Executive Board. Even more rare would be an appeal of any US Chess Executive Board decision directly to the US Chess Delegates at the annual delegates convention. In order for an appeal to be considered by the delegates many exact rules and regulations must be followed. Contacting an experienced delegate would be advisable if an appeal to the delegates at the convention is to be pursued.

Does anyone know of any prior appeals of a TD decision to the Board of Delegates? Also, what are these “many exact rules and regulations” that must be followed for such an appeal?

TDCC decisions (and probably Rules decisions) are actually recommendations to the EB. They may be appealed back to the EB. I’m not sure how often an appeal to the delegates has occurred. The last one I know of was not a TD issue or a tournament rules issue.

And of course there was the legendary case long before I was a delegate when a player in te U.S. Open appealed his pairing to the delegates.

BCCA Tournament director.

What year did that occur?

That was in Boston in 1988.