What's going on?

I see very few postings here that aren’t months old. Is this site shutting down?

Traffic has been down, which is not unusual this time of year, but we’re not shutting the site down. Tim Just made a post recently for his latest column.

It looks like the recent change to use the single-sign-on from the member dashboard might have dropped some people from the ‘adult members’ group that they need to access the US Chess Issues category, as we spot them, we’re adding them back.

If you click on the ‘LATEST’ button at the top of the page (you might have to click on ‘Topics’ in the left hand sidebar first), it will show you the latest active topics in all the categories.

Mentoring a young TD was created 11 days ago.
Member or not member was created 9 days ago.
Ten topics have responses this month.

New topics were always sporadic in the past.

Okay, thanks.

I didn’t renew my membership some years ago, but used to read the site semi-regularly, though I couldn’t participate. Then it changed abruptly. Just thought I’d ask.


We moved to a new platform earlier this year, and recently changed the way people sign in to use a single-sign-on from the member dashboard.

Non-members do not have access to the US Chess issues forum and cannot post other than in the site feedback topic.

So, that wasn’t even a good test, eh? Okay, I understand. Thanks, and good luck!


Other than US Chess Issues, all the categories are open to the public for reading, no login necessary.