Calculation of Views

How are views calculated? It would seem that the number of views a post receives is equal to the number of persons who have viewed that post. However, posts in the US Chess Issues section can only be viewed by members of the Adult Members group. That group has 190 members but the recent post about election results, which is in the US Chess Issues section, has received more than 200 views.

I believe if you view a page more than once that gets counted more than once.

Why can’t I actually delete a post I’ve just made? I was experimenting with bold, italics, and underscore, but I had no intention of actually leaving the post there. If I try to delete, the post gets replaced by another that says “post deleted by author”. Why can’t the system actually delete the post, at least if it has not yet been responded to?

Bill Smythe

Discourse uses ‘soft deletes’, when you delete something it sets a ‘delete’ flag but the post is not physically deleted.

This allows for correcting mistaken deletes.

As to whether or not a deleted post in a thread should be noted as such, that’s a matter of some debate among forum administrators, some platforms do it one way, some do it the other.

Is there something that prevents web crawlers from finding the forum pages that aren’t restricted to members only? On my PhpBB, I have older pages which have number of views well into five digits probably 95% of which are google, yahoo, apple, etc. In my case, I don’t mind since the search engines sometimes bring eyeballs into my forum, but I’m not a great fan of the biased statistics, since I can’t tell what actually humans have read.

I think view counts were transferred over when the posts were migrated from phpbb3.