Individual/Team Tournament

I am not clear on the reference to individual/team tournaments in the Category T tournament and how this applies to the National Tournament Director fifth experience requirement. Has anyone used an Individual/Team tournament for that experience requirement?

Originally the requirement was limited to fixed-board team vs team competitions with at least 50 players and at least 12 teams (I used a 16 team with 8 boards per team event for my category T). Then it was changed to allow individual/team events (some call them medley) where it is paired as an individual Swiss with the top X scores of a team counting as the team’s score (generally with pairing restrictions to limit or avoid pairing teammates), since there were very few team vs team events and modifying the requirement made it easier to qualify for taking the NTD test (most people trying to take the NTD test use an individual/team event instead of a team vs team event). Later it was revised to remove the 12 team limitation (the US armed forces event had only four teams, one for each branch of the service, but often at least fifty players).

It already allowed individual/team prior to my joining the Tournament Director Certification Committee (TDCC) and the 12 team limitation was dropped before I first became the chair

Jeff Wiewel (2022-2024 chair of TDCC)