"My Dashboard" No longer shows your information

I noticed today that I can’t see my member info anymore. I’m using the new US Chess site, I click “My Dashboard” and this is all I see:

I assume this is a change relating to the new single sign on post but I could be wrong.

Wondering if this is intentional or not, so I decided to ask about it :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s directly related to the single-sign-on change. My dashboard still looks OK. I’ll let Emanuel know about this tomorrow, though.

Do you have a logout button? If so, I suggest you try logging out and then back in. If that doesn’t work, you might need to clear cookies and cache in your browser. (BTW, what browser are you using?)

I’m able to reproduce this issue on Safari and Chrome, macOS, signed in and out on both. The page is dark due to an extension I use, here’s what it loos like on Safari.

Post updated: the forums login button has been added to the member dashboard.

I’m sure it’s possible to add a “Login to Forums” button up there with the other buttons, and it logs you in and all that automatically. Would have to look into it a bit, I’m not too familiar with this forum software unfortunately, but I’m sure it’s possible. Are y’all using DiscouseConnect?

I didn’t do the work implementing SSO, but I believe it is using discourseconnect with some code designed to work with Drupal, which is the software driving the new.uschess.org site.

There may be issues I’m unaware of that would complicate things if there was a link to the forums on the member dashboard.

You weren’t set up as part of the adult members group, so I added you (or possibly added you back), but I doubt that’s a factor here.

Odd, I can now see all of my member information. Wonder if whatever you changed affected it. Or did you mess with a group on the forums? Definitely curious now.

I added you to the adult member group in the forums, not sure why that would change anything on your member dashboard, though, as they’re on two different servers.

I’ve alerted Emanuel about this thread.

An hour or so ago my dashboard looked like the one in Chew’s original post. However, as of now my dashboard is back to showing my member information. I also have a Forum Login button. Browser is Edge.

I see the Forum Login button now, too, so maybe this was just a temporary problem due to some changes Emanuel is working on.