Posting Restrictions

Why is it that I can only create new posts in this topic and under Chess Clubs?? Didn’t have any such restriction in the old forums!

Larry, it appears you created a new username earlier today rather than revive your old one. (Were you having trouble receiving a password reset email? I thought we had resolved the problems with AOL/Yahoo email addresses.)

It takes a while for a new username to be authorized to post to the Forums and have access to the Issues forum by being added to the Adult Members group. (There’s an automated task that looks for usernames that should have that authorization, it runs 2-3 times a day.)

You should have this now.

The ability to post to the clubs category was a configuration problem, it should not have been open for posting by those not in the Adult Members group.

Since it was taking so long to receive the password reset, I went ahead and created a new user name. Would prefer to be using the old name. Please have the reset sent to my Yahoo email address, as I want to use that. Thank you.

Larry Cohen
USCF ID 10341841

If we are still having problems with Yahoo and AOL email addresses (owned by the same company these days), updating the email address will likely not work because it requires you to receive and respond to a confirmation email at the new (Yahoo/AOL) email address.

I’ve asked our Discourse support team to check on the delivery status of the password reset message you requested earlier today.

But you can try updating the email address yourself in your member profile. That will also require confirming the change via email.

Our Discourse support team has confirmed that AOL/Yahoo is still rejecting email because of ‘unexpected volume or user complaints’.

They say several requests to whitelist their mail servers have been sent, with no action taken. They’re looking to see if there are other options to pursue to get this fixed.

I don’t know if it would help if any members with AOL/Yahoo made requests to resolve this problem.

I added an sbcglobal email address (which is managed by Yahoo) as an alternative address to my US Chess profile. Doing so generated a confirmation message to the sbcglobal address. That message went to my spam folder. I marked the message as “not spam”. Anything else I can do to help with the problem?

I don’t have Yahoo or AOL email addresses right now, and can’t say I’m interested in having them, I have too many email addresses to remember as it is. So, I can’t really test the AOL/Yahoo problem and have to rely upon reports from members and requests to our Discourse support team to check on the status of messages to those servers.

What it appears is that a FEW messages get through but then some kind of block goes on and messages either don’t go through or take hours to do so. That’s kind of typical for braindead anti-spam measures.