Opt out of emails from a specific affiliate

My US Chess email preferences are set to allow mailings from affiliates and for notifications of tournaments from just two West Coast states.

Is there a way to opt out of emails from a specific East Coast affiliate with whom I never had any connection? I do not wish to block all affiliates, but rather just one that sends similar emails every week.

I assume they have a special deal to send weekly blasts to a large pool of members or else these mailings get expensive in a hurry.

I don’t think the current system allows opt outs for specific affiliates, that’s kind of complicated to program. (I know the previous email system didn’t allow it.)

I also don’t think any affiliates get special rates for email blasts.

I can think of three methods to accomplish your request:

  • Contact the affiliate. They might have a way to remove you from their blasts.

  • Many email programs allow you to create rules to handle specific messages. If your program supports this feature, you could create a rule to automatically delete the unwanted messages.

  • Most email programs allow you to block specific senders (or send their messages directly to your junk/spam folder). A possible disadvantage of this technique is that the sender might be reported to your email provider as a spammer.

Thanks! The emails come from the US Chess website via the address info@uschess.org. Somehow I don’t think blocking this address is a good idea. Having done a similar blast once, I know the affiliate doesn’t see the email list and can only select membership types, rating ranges and geographical parameters.

If I am the only one annoyed by these repetitive weekly emails, then I can deal with it. I imagine many members just blindly ignore all chess spam. It just surprises me that an affiliate would spend 5 cents per address to send literally thousands of emails every single week.

Yes, an email rule should do the trick.