Member or not member?

I have gotten in trouble for this before, hence this post.

A man contacted me to join our tournament, he sent me his name and ID number.

I entered that in the “old” search page, and got this;
Mbr ID St Exp Date Reg Quick Member Name -------- – ---------- ------ ------ ----------------------- 15585052 (TX) 2016-11-30 Unr Unr [ALLAH, ELEVATION ]

So, expired, right?
I went to the member page from there and;
|Expiration Dt.|2016-11-30||
|Last Change Dt.|2023-11-03
Same, but, I go to the “new” search page and I get;
[ELEVATION ALLAH] 15585052 Texas 2024-11-30;
not expired?

After my previous debacle, I put my trust in the “member” page and not the seach page, but this man tells me he’s a member.

AND |Last Change Dt.|2023-11-03, TODAY

The ‘Last Change Date’ only tells you the date when the MSA page was last updated, not what was updated. I believe any change to member data will cause the MSA page to be updated, even if that is not data that appears on MSA (like an address or birthdate.)

The reason for the post was the the player lookup from the main page displays a date of 11/30/2024 as the expiration date and it isn’t until clicking on the player that the MSA page comes up showing the 11/30/2016 expiration (along with the 11/3/2023 change date). If it was something like an address change then it should not have changed the expiration date on the first page.

It looks like the CIVI-CRM system has a 2024 expiration date for this member but that didn’t get posted to MSA. I don’t have access to transaction data on CIVI-CRM, so I can’t confirm that there was a membership processed.

The membership data on the Gambit system is only updated twice a day, at around 6PM and 3AM, so it seems likely that a membership was processed for this individual on Friday evening and the update to MSA either failed or is delayed.

I’ll look at it again in the morning, if the updated membership date has been posted to Gambit but not to MSA, there could be other membership updates that also failed, and that’s something the developers may have to resolve. (This would not be the first time we had membership updates that didn’t get posted to MSA.)

The new lookup program may be better at checking for memberships that didn’t get posted to MSA, because I believe it checks the CIVI-CRM system directly. (That’s probably the main reason why it is slower than the old lookup program.)

Thanks to those who answered, the member page is updated today 11/4, back in business.

looks like everything got caught up overnight.

What is more annoying is when you have an ID like 17329230 where the player search page shows an expiration date of next year, the MSA page shows an expiration date of next year (after doing a renewal yesterday afternoon) but the tournament report flags the ID as inactive and doesn’t even give the opportunity for an exception request (event ID 202311042412 - the event was split up so that other sections could be rated and that section was left by itself with the problem).

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An ID that has been coded as inactive has to be reactivated before the tournament system will allow it in an event.

It appears this ID had a membership transaction back in 2020 that was reversed, so the membership status was set back to ‘U’ (undefined) meaning no valid membership transaction has been entered. If there’s been a recent membership transaction, it may not have updated the member status field.

You will have to contact member services about this, I can’t change a member’s status because I don’t have access to the CIVI-CRM system.

I sent an e-mail about the same time as my post. Hopefully it is resolved soon so the section can be rated.

I also alerted Emanuel to this, as it seems like a possible bug in the membership system.

I am having the same issue right now with a player giving me an inactive error. Two member numbers were merged and the one that’s now in use is still inactive. It seems like the different parts of the merged memberships update at different times so I’m hopeful he’ll be active soon. But also I’m following up with member services to be sure.

In my case the (single-section) tournament was manually approved for submission after office intervention (they had difficulty changing the inactive status). I then released it and rated it. If the system issue is not yet fixed then that might be necessary in your case.

Thanks! I emailed the ratings team too, so I figure between membership and ratings, someone will be able to help me.